Bringing Claims Against Jeffrey Ostrander and Ameriprise for REIT Sales

Stoltmann Law Offices is investigating Jeffrey Ostrander, a registered representative with Amerirprise Financial Services in Overland Park, Kansas. According to Ostrander’s Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) BrokerCheck report, a customer alleged that he misrepresented and recommended unsuitable investments in real estate investment trusts (REITs) and a General Motors bond. A REIT is a type of security that invests in real estate through property or mortgages and often trades on major exchanges like a stock. A REIT typically provides an investor with an extremely liquid stake in real estate and typically offer high dividend yields. REITs are not suitable for every investor. They can be extremely risky and a broker must take into account a client’s age, net worth, investment strategy and investment sophistication among other factors before recommending that particular security. If he does not, his firm or former firm can be held responsible for investor’s money losses because the firm is ultimately responsible for reasonably supervising the broker. Please call us if you suffered losses with Jeffrey Ostrander and REIT or any other type of security sales.

Jeffrey Ostrander was registered with The Stuart-James Company in Denver, Colorado from March 1990 until September 1990, Dean Witter Reynolds in Purchase, New York from September 1990 until September 1991, Painewebber Inc. in Weehawken, New Jersey from May 1992 until January 1994, Boatmen’s Investment Services in St. Louis, Missouri from January 1994 until June 1995, Piper Jaffray in Minneapolis, Minnesota from June 1995 until March 1996, Invest Financial Corp in Tampa, Florida from July 1996 until October 1999, and SII Investments Inc. in Appleton, Wisconsin from October 1999 until May 2005. He is currently registered with Ameriprise Financial Services in Overland Park, Kansas and has been since October 2009. He has three customer disputes against him.

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