Bringing Claims Against Joan Norton and Ausdal Financial Partners

A former client of Joan Norton, a financial advisor of Ausdal Financial Partners, won a $1.2 million arbitration award against her. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) awarded the money to her after siding with her, claiming Norton breached fiduciary duty and made unsuitable investment recommendations. Norton advised Cindy-Marie Rogers to roll over a lump-sum pension payout, plus put money into an IRA and buy a variable annuity. Rogers took an early retirement because she was advised by Norton she could do so. After this, she got hit with a steep tax bill. Joan Norton and her firm, Ausdal Partners were ordered to pay $1.24 million in damages plus interest, and additional costs of $10,000. Please call our law firm if you would like to sue Joan Norton or her former firm, Ausdal Partners. 312-332-4200.

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