Bringing Complaints Against Angela Strauss and JCC Advisors for TIC Sales

Stoltmann Law Offices is investigating Angela Strauss, a registered representative with JCC Advisors in Pasadena, California. Strauss is accused of failing to perform adequate due diligence in connection to an investment in tenant-in-common interests (TICs). TICs are co-owners of an undivided interest in real property. TICs each own a separate and undivided interest in the same real property and each has an equal right to the possession and use of the property. TICs can be risky investments, and a broker’s duty is to take into account the client’s age, net worth, investment objectives and risk tolerance before recommending a security. If the broker does not, her brokerage firm can be held liable for investment losses, if she is not properly supervised by her member firm.

Strauss was registered with Empire Securities Corp in El Segundo, California from March 2006 until May 2006, Evergreen Realty Securities in Pasadena, California from June 2006 until October 2006, AFA Financial Group in Calabasas, California from August 2007 until April 2010, Dimirak Securities Corporation in Vista, California from November 2010 until April 2011 and ARI Financial Services in Scottsdale, Arizona from April 2013 until December 2013. She is currently registered with JCC Advisors in Pasadena, California and has been since September 2015.

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