Did You Lose Money with Mark A. Schneider in ETFs?

Stoltmann Law Offices is investigating Mark A. Schneider from Topeka, Kansas. The Kansas Securities Commission is investigating Mark Schneider for allegations that he bought and sold many non-traditional exchange-traded funds (ETFs), also known as inverse and leveraged ETFs. They are meant to be held for one day, but Schneider held them for his customers for over 100 days. He had 160 clients in the leveraged and inverse ETFs, and he failed to match their risk tolerance and investment objectives to them. This is a violation of securities laws.

Mr. Schneider was registered with The Columbian Securities Corporation, Integrated Resources Equity Corporation, Royal Alliance Associates Inc and AmericaFirst Securities. He is currently not registered with any member firm. If you would like to sue Mark Schneider, please contact us at 312-332-4200. We are securities attorneys who can talk to you about the fact that Mr. Schneider’s former firms can be sued for not properly supervising him while he was employed there.

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