Equity Trust Co. Loss Recovery for Investors

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating Equity Trust Co., an Ohio based IRA provider. It is alleged that Equity Trust was ignoring red flags for accounts with investments that turned out to be fraudulent. This comes after Ephron Taylor, the mastermind of a ponzi sheme, and Randy Poulson, indicted in federal court for alleged fraud in New Jersey, came under investigation. Taylor targeted churchgoers in a ponzi scheme and the SEC alleges that both men cheated 100 investors out of $5 million through Equity Trust accounts. The SEC also alleged that Equity Trust did not take any action to remedy the fraud that was cheating investors out of millions. Equity Trust representatives also participated in events hosted by Taylor and Poulson and joined them in encouraging investors to participate in the scheme. They also allegedly processed investments in notes offered by Taylor and Poulson. If you invested in Equity Trust, please call our Chicago-based securities law office for a free consultation with an attorney. We sue firms such as Equity Trust for financial losses suffered by investors. Our number is 312-332-4200. We take cases on a contingency fee basis only. There is no obligation.

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