Investigating Roger Frank Festor

Stoltmann Law Offices is investigating Roger Frank Festor, a broker from San Antonio, Texas. He has two customer complaints against him, one of which was filed in September 2013. That complaint alleges that Festor allowed a broker under his supervision at the Delta Company, to make material misrepresentations regarding private placement offerings to investors from 2010 to 2011. The complaint seeks $1.3 million in damages. The other complaint was filed in April 2011. It alleges that Mr. Festor himself made material misrepresentations regarding oil and gas investments offered to investors. That is seeking $800,000 in damages. Festor was registered with The Champion Group in San Antonio from June 2000 until February 2002 and The Delta Company from June 2002 until October 2012. He has three customer disputes against him, two of which are pending. He not currently registered with any member firm, nor is he licensed in the industry. Please call us to discuss your options of suing Roger Frank Festors with an attorney. 312-332-4200. The call is free with no obligation.

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