Investor Warning: Charles Lundell and Investment Losses With First Allied Securities

AdobeStock_9577728-1-300x200Did you or someone you know lose money with Charles Lundell, formerly of First Allied Securities? If so, the attorneys at Stoltmann Law Offices are interested in speaking with you about those losses. According to a recent Letter of Acceptance, Waiver and Consent (AWC) with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Mr. Lundell was accused of exercising discretion without written authority in the accounts of five customers. This occurred between January and February 2017. This is against securities laws and internal firm rules. For this misconduct, Lundell was suspended from the industry for 30 calendar days and fined $5,000.
Mr. Lundell was previously registered with Foster & Marshall from December 1967 until July 1982, Piper, Jaffray & Hopwood Inc. form July 1982 until March 1988, Prudential Securities in New York, New York from March 1988 until July 1991, Everen Securities in St. Louis, Missouri from July 1991 until September 1995, First Montauk Securities in Bellevue, Washington from October 1995 until December 2008 and First Allied Securities in Bellevue from December 2008 until March 2017. He has one customer dispute against him, and he is currently not registered as a broker.
If you would like to find out how you may be able to sue First Allied Securities on a contingency fee basis, in order to recover your losses, call 312-332-4200 today. We are Chicago-based securities attorneys who take cases on a contingency fee basis. The call is free with no obligation.

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