Jerome Krause; First Heartland Capital; Memomomee Falls, Wisconsin

Stoltmann Law Offices is investigating Jerome Krause, a former broker with First Heartland Capital. Krause has been ordered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to pay $600,000 in damages to an elderly couple after he allegedly took money from them. Both of his clients were in their 80s and claimed Krause used his position of trust and their vulnerability as elderly, to take more than $150,000 from them, saying the money would be loans. Allegedly, Krause ended up borrowing more than $150,000 from 2010 until 2014, liquidating some of their investments so he could finance the loans. This was done without the couple’s knowledge or consent. It was also alleged that First Heartland Capital, Krause’s broker-dealer, failed to supervise him, allowing him to steal the money. Krause was also accused of borrowing from another client by liquidating a variable annuity. Krause was terminated from the firm in 2012 after this accusation. It is for these reasons that First Heartland Capital may be responsible for any money losses you may have suffered because of Mr. Krause. Please call our securities law firm in Chicago today to speak to one of our attorneys about your options of recovering your money in the FINRA arbitration forum. We take all cases on a contingency fee basis and the call to us is free. We may be able to help you bring legal recourse against First Heartland Capital.

According to his online FINRA BrokerCheck report, Mr. Krause was registered with Thrivent Investment Management in Minneapolis, Minnesota from June 1987 until September 2005 and First Heartland Capital in Memomonee Falls, Wisconsin from August 2005 until February 2012. He has two customer disputes against him and is not licensed within the industry. 312-332-4200. Please call today as there is a statute of limitations on most of these cases.

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