How Long Will A Cushing Royalty Income Fund Action Take?

We are currently suing brokerage firms who recommended the Cushing Royalty Income. Full service brokers sold this fund as an appropriate/suitable investment for retired, conservative and elderly clients who were seeking conservative income. In reality, the Fund was a non-diversified, leveraged sector fund that exposed unsuspecting investors to far greater risk than anticipated.  The recommendation of this Fund was unsuitable for many elderly, retired or conservative investors. We’ve been asked by clients how long a FINRA arbitration claim will take to recover these losses.  The simple answer is approximately 12 months.  This is the average lenght of time an action to recover these losses will take.  If the investor is 65 year old or older, “fast tracked” status can be applied for and its possible it could take less time.  To learn about all legal options for recovering Cushing Royalty and Income Fund (SRF) losses, please call our investment fraud law firm in Chicago, Illinois at 312.332.4200 or visit

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