Newbridge Securities, Shearson Financial Services Fined for Excess Charges to Customers

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recently charged two Boca Raton, Florida firms, Newbridge Securities and Shearson Financial Services, for securities violations that resulted in customers losing money. Newbridge Securities Corp allegedly failed to apply discounts to certain purchases. These discounts were supposed to be applied to sales charges, and as a result, clients paid more than $172,000 in excess charges. This misconduct occurred with unit investment trust (UIT) purchases from May 2009 until April 2014. Newbridge was fined $115,000 and agreed to pay clients back more than $188,000.

Shearson Financial was fined $100,000 by FINRA for allegedly inaccurately marking orders as unsolicited, even when they were solicited. The firm was warned in 2012, that 47 order tickets had been inaccurately marked. FINRA also stated that Shearson maintained inaccurate books and records of 1,873 transactions from June 2013 until October 2015. Please call us today for a free consultation with an attorney if you invested money with Newbridge Securities or Shearson Financial. We may be able to help you bring a claim against the firm for investment losses. We take cases on a contingency fee basis only.

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