How To Recover Non-Traded REIT Losses With Raymond Harrison and Cambridge Investment Research

Did you lose money with Raymond Harrison, a broker with Cambridge Investment Research? If so, the attorneys at Stoltmann Law Offices are interested in speaking with you about those losses. Allegedly, Mr. Harrison recommended and sold direct participation products (DPPs) such as non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs), equipment leasing funds, such as LEAF and ICON, and other alternative investments. In October 2016, a customer filed a complaint alleging unsuitable investments for investment experience and risk tolerance, lack of adequate due diligence in regard to investments, a lack of supervision and the omission of material information. The damages claimed are $603,000 and the claim is currently pending. Investments like DPPs and REITs tend to be risky and illiquid products that are not suitable for all investors. A broker must take into account a customer’s age, net worth and investment objectives before recommending or selling products. If he does not, his brokerage firm can be liable for losses for not reasonably supervising him. Call us today at 312-332-4200 to speak to an attorney about how you may be able to bring a claim against Cambridge Investment Research for losses.

Harrison was registered with Capital Analysts, Main Street Management, London Pacific Securities, American United Life Insurance Company, AUL Equity Sales and ProEquities. He is currently registered with Cambridge Investment Research in Roseville, California and has been since August 2014. He has six customer disputes against him, one of which is currently pending, according to his online FINRA BrokerCheck report.

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