Recovering Investment Losses For Selling Away Claims with Michael John Bombardier

Stoltmann Law Offices is investigating Michael John Bombardier, a former broker with KCD Financial. Bombardier is accused of selling away, altering a customer document and failing to adequately disclose surrender charges associated with a variable annuity replacement. While Bombardier was registered with Southeast Investments in Colchester, Vermont, in 2014, he engaged in selling away practices, which is when an investment advisor recommends and sells a security that is not offered by his member firm. This is done to garner large commissions for the broker. It is against securities rules and regulations. He also submitted applications to a carrier without his home office approval. In 2012, Bombardier was fired from Woodbury Financial Services, also in Colchester, after allegations surfaced that he altered a document and failed to adequately disclose surrender charges associated with a variable annuity replacement.

Michael John Bombardier was registered with Franklin Financial Services Corp in Houston, Texas from January 1988 until October 2002, American General Securities Inc. in Colchester, Vermont from October 2002 until May 2007, Woodbury Financial Services in Colchester from May 2007 until March 2012, Southeast Investments in Colchester from March 2012 until July 2014 and KCD Financial in DePere, Wisconsin from August 2014 until September 2014. He is not currently licensed within the industry.

If you invested money with Michael John Bombardier, you may be entitled to recover some of your investment losses by suing his former firm, KCD Investments, in the FINRA arbitration forum. KCD Investments had a duty to reasonably supervise him while he was employed with them, and, because they did not, can be held liable for investment losses. Our number is 312-332-4200 and we are a securities law firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Please do not delay in contacting us, as many of the cases we deal with have a statute of limitations. The call is free with no obligation. We take cases on a contingency fee basis only.

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