Recovering Losses with Wayne LeMar Palmer and Julieann Martin

Did you lose money with Wayne LeMar Palmer and Julieann Martin of West Jordan, Utah? A federal grand jury indicted both in a scheme the allegedly bilked $140 million out of more than 600 investors. Both have counts of wire fraud, mail fraud and money laundering against them. Palmer and Martin told investors that their investments in National Note of Utah (started by Palmer in 1992) were safe and guaranteed. They also claimed the company was profitable, generating 18% returns. In reality, the company had not been profitable since 2007, and Palmer and Martin were using money they got from investors to pay off earlier ones, in a classic ponzi scheme.

If you invested money with either Wayne LeMar Palmer or Julieann Martin, or National Note of Utah, you may be able to recover those investment losses by calling our securities law firm at 312-332-4200 and speaking to an attorney. The call is free with no obligation and we take cases on a contingency fee basis only.

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