Securities Fraud Claims Against Robert W. Baird and How To Sue

Investors who have lost money with Milwaukee based brokerage firm Robert W. Baird & Co. can sue the firm in the FINRA arbitration forum for unsuitable investment recommendations, fraud, selling away, theft or misappropriation, breach of fiduciary duty, churning and other related actions. Recently, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profiled a $17.8 million FINRA arbitration award against the firm for various activity engaged in by the firm (see for news coverage on the case along with comments about the decision from Andrew Stoltmann). Customers of Baird who sue the firm are required to do so through binding arbitration through FINRA. This process usually takes 12 months and investors can recover no compensation all the way up to losses, attorney fees, interest, costs and punitive damages. Discovery in arbitration claims is far more limited than what you would see in traditional court house litigation since depositions and interrogatories are usually not allowed in FIRNA arbitration claims. If you wish to sue Robert Baird, please call our law firm at 312.332.4200. We concentrate our practice in FINRA arbitration claims and have sued Baird on a contingency fee basis in excess of a dozen times.

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