Suing Gordon Dihle and Spencer Edwards for Investment Losses

Stoltmann Law Offices is investigating Gordon Dihle, who allegedly liquidated 4 billion shares of six penny stocks in seven customer accounts while registered with Spencer Edwards. The shares were not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) nor were the transactions exempt from registration. This is against securities rules and regulations. During this time, Gordon Dihle was the firm’s President, Chief Compliance Officer and AML Compliance Officer. He and the firm failed to conduct and ensure that registered representatives conducted reasonable and meaningful inquiries of the circumstances surrounding the illicit sales of six penny stocks, despite obvious indications that the sales were or could be illicit distributions of unregistered stocks. The firm also failed to have in place anti-money laundering regulations.

Dihle was registered with Variable Asset Strategies in Greenwood Village, Colorado from September 1999 until September 2006 and Spencer Edwards in Centennial, Colorado from January 2003 until November 2013. He has two customer disputes against him and is not currently registered with any firm or licensed within the industry.

Dihle and Spencer Edwards have a duty to have regulatory measures in place, and, because they did not, can be held liable for investment losses. If you invested money with Spencer Edwards, you may be able to recover those losses by calling our securities law firm at 312-332-4200. We are securities attorneys in Chicago, Illinois and sue firms such as Spencer Edwards on a contingency fee basis to recover money for investors.

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