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AdobeStock_66548440-1-300x169The Federal Senior Safe Act and FINRA’s new Rule, 2165, both designed to protect the elderly, and how they create a potential “legal minefield” for financial advisors. The complete story can be seen by clicking the link below:

AdobeStock_112181284-1-300x200Andrew Stoltmann discusses with Investment News Merrill Lynch’s “disingenuous” attempts to slither off the hook and have claims filed by former firm executives heard in court rather than in the FINRA arbitration forum.

AdobeStock_17493500-1-300x102Can best be analogized to the landing of the Hindenburg on the deck of the Titanic.  The entire article can be viewed below.  Stoltmann Law Offices expect a surge of FINRA arbitration claims against the peddlers of these investments which combine structured products with variable annuities.  of you lost money in a buffer annuity sold by AXA Equitable Life Insurance Co./Capital Strategies, Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America, MetLife Inc/Index Advantage and Shield Level Selector, Members Life Insurance Co./Members Horizon annuity or others, please call our law firm for a no cost review by an attorney.

Why FINRA is targeting brokers with an extensive history of customer complaints in 2017.  The entire article can be viewed at the link below.

His trip to Washington DC with Revered Jesse Jackson for the swearing in ceremony for Tammy Duckworth.  The entire article can be viewed at the link below.

According to Financial Advisor Magazine, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is again targeting those firms that engage in “excessive and short-term trading of long-term products,” including variable annuities (VAs). With brokers continuing to tout these long-term investment vehicles as short-term ones, in order to generate larger, back-end fees for themselves, many customers are being forced to pay commissions and fees that they would not necessarily, otherwise. This is also against securities rules and regulations. VAs are long-term products and should not be held for less than five years. If a VA is held for less than five years, chances are, the broker and/or investment firm is not doing its due diligence on the investment vehicle and could be taking advantage of the customer. Below, Andrew Stoltmann discusses some of these issues with FA Magazine today at the link below:–again-30734.html

I discuss with Bloomberg today why peddlers of structured products are in the cross-hair of regulators and the reason Barcalys is shutting down the sales of synthetic CDs.

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