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AdobeStock_123495998-1-300x197Stoltmann Law Offices is interested in speaking to those students who may have attended, or who are attending San Diego, California-based Ashford University. On Monday, the state announced that it is suing Ashford, and its parent company, Bridgepoint Education, claiming that the online school misled students about tuition costs. Bridgeport is also under investigation by attorneys general in New York and North Carolina. Ashford University does not have libraries, classrooms or labs, but it charges students considerably more ($60,390) than its counterparts that do have those amenities. California’s lawsuit against the school alleges that Ashford turned its admissions office into a sales department with a “boiler room” culture, which required employees to make enrollment quotas. To do so, the employees allegedly told possible students that federal financial aid would cover all of their expenses, or promised them they would receive more aid than they had a right to expect. In 2012, the University had 80,000 students and made $968 million. The lawsuit also claims that Bridgeport lied to investors and in its securities filings by inflating its success preparing its graduates for jobs. The state is seeking restitution for students and civil penalties, as well as a permanent injunction for “similar activities in the future.”

16106056_1198150366920233_7840373584551380909_n-300x115Did you attend Ashford University? If so, the attorneys at Stoltmann Law Offices are interested in speaking with you about your options of suing the University. Recently, the Iowa Attorney General alleged that Ashford used unconscionable sales practices to recruit and enroll students. According to the settlement agreement, Ashford made false or misleading statements to prospective students to convince them to enroll, used unfair and high-pressure sales tactics to persuade students to enroll, and failed to disclose material facts to prospective students, among other things. Ashford also misrepresented to prospective students who wished to become teachers that an Ashford education degree would allow them to become classroom teachers, when, in fact, they may be subject to additional requirements, and unfairly imposed a Technology Services Fee on all students after six weeks of enrollment and then retained the fee regardless of how long the students were enrolled. Please call our law firm based in Chicago at 312-332-4200 today for a free consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss your options of suing Ashford for misleading information and the above transgressions. There is no obligation and we take cases on a contingency fee basis, so we don’t get paid unless you receive money.


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