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AdobeStock_33766885-1-300x200Are you concerned about losses you may have sustained because of George Merhoff, and Cetera Financial Group? If so, the securities attorneys at Stoltmann Law Offices may be able to help you recover those investment losses by bringing legal action against Cetera. We sue brokerage firms like Cetera in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration forum on a contingency fee basis. The firm may be responsible for losses because it has a duty to supervise its representatives, such as Merhoff, and, if it does not, can be held liable for money losses. The call to us is free with no obligation, so please call 312-332-4200 for a consultation with an attorney.

George Merhoff allegedly over-concentrated client portfolios in unsuitable, high-risk, alternative energy investments, such as Linn Energy. Investments like Linn Energy in the oil and gas and energy sector tend to be extremely illiquid investments. Merhoff also was alleged to have recommended unsuitable investments, been negligent, breached fiduciary duty and breached contract since December 2015. All of these are against industry rules.

Merhoff was registered with AAG Securities in Cincinnati, Ohio from September 1997 until March 1998 and Pacific West Securities in Klamath Falls, Oregon from June 1998 until February 2012. He is currently registered with Cetera Advisors in Klamath Falls and has been since February 2012. He has 10 customer disputes against him, all of them pending and two criminal final dispositions.

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