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AdobeStock_9577728-1-300x200Stoltmann Law Offices is investigating William Carlson Jr., an ex-Forum Financial Management partner who admitted to theft. Mr. Carlson cheated a 63 year-old client out of more than $911,000 through 41 secret withdrawals from her account and by taking checks from her home over the course of five years. The client realized that she only had $48 in her account after the five years of theft, and began the investigation. In all, Carlson allegedly forged the victim’s signature on 16 checks ranging from $6,500 to $97,000 for a total of $437,000 over three years. He then deposited the checks into his own accounts. After a time, Carlson had a friend make 25 transactions from the client’s account into his own for $474,000. He also forged the victim’s signature on a letter of authorization allowing checks from her account to be issued to the friend. The friend kept $300 or $400 out of every transaction. Carlson also emailed a fake account statement listing the client’s assets at more than $884,000, when, in reality, her account had fallen below $50. Carlson confessed to the scheme on February 6th. He faces charges of mail fraud. He was fired from his Chicago-based RIA firm, Forum Financial Management, after the firm found out about the theft.

We are Chicago-based securities attorneys who sue firms such as Forum Financial Management in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration forum on a contingency fee basis for investors who have lost investment funds. Please call us today if you suffered losses with Mr. Carlson. We may be able to sue his RIA firm for losses.

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