Update For Investors: Daniel Abel

AdobeStock_112181284-1-300x200Stoltmann Law Offices continues to investigate former Morgan Stanley broker Daniel Abel, and Morgan Stanley. A federal judge recently ruled in the bank’s favor in its bid to block an exiting Abel from contacting his former clients with the firm. The judge extended a restraining order issued this week against Abel, after Morgan Stanley accused him of breaching his non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements. The case will proceed to arbitration with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), possibly as early as next week.
In Morgan Stanley’s initial complaint, the firm argued that Abel had made a “deliberate breach” of his non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements to “misappropriate the plaintiff’s confidential information and trade secrets relating to plaintiff’s clients with over an estimated $18 million in combined assets for the benefit of himself and his own new firm.” Abel disputed Morgan Stanley’s claim and cited in his defense the Broker Protocol rule that states what client information exiting brokers can take with them when they leave. Morgan Stanley stopped following Broker Protocol in November. The judge extended the temporary restraining order against Abel to February 20th. It had been previously set to expire on the 6th of February.

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