Urgent Update For LEAF Fund 4 Investors

An important update for LEAF Fund 4 (“Leaf”) investors.  LEAF sent out a letter to investors on May 29, 2015 stating that the LEAF Fund 4 is in its final liquidation stage and as a result of the shrinking portfolio can no longer support distributions and that the May distribution is the last monthly distribution. Please see below for the contents of the letter. This information directly contradicts representations made by many brokers to clients who purchased Leaf that they should hold off on litigation or arbitration since the Fund’s price will bounce back or that the distributions will continue to be made.  Many investors had unsuitable concentrations in LEAF made into their account.  These losses can be recovered through the FINRA arbitration claims process.  To receive a free review by a lawyer, please call our law firm in Chicago, IL to learn how these losses may be recoverable on a contingency fee basis.

May 29, 2015

Dear Limited Partner:

In February of 2014, we notified you that the LEAF Equipment Finance Fund 4, L.P. (the “Fund”) in which you invested was winding down towards its final liquidation phase and as a result, distributions were being reduced. Within the last week or so you have received your distribution of April. The Fund’s shrinking portfolio can no longer support distributions so we have determined that your regular monthly distribution for May, which you will receive in June, will be your final regular monthly distribution.

We will continue to liquidate the Fund’s remaining assets in order to retire the existing debt and to pay other expense obligations of LEAF 4. We anticipate that there will not be any further distributions to Limited Partners once you have received your final regular monthly distribution.

We expect that the Fund will fully liquidate sometime in late 2015 or early 2016, and we will notify you once that has occurred.

On behalf of the Fund, the General Partner remains available to address any questions that you may have. Please contact Investor Relations at 866.323.241 or email your questions to IR@LEAF-Financial.com.


Scott A. Smith

Director, Syndications & Portfolio Management

On behalf of the General Partner

cc:           Registered Advisor

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