Warning To Investors: Gary Snisky

Gary Snisky, a former investment advisor of Longmont, Colorado, was arrested on charges of mail fraud and money laundering. He also ran a scheme that defrauded investors our of money. He and Richard Greeott, a technology worker at Colony Capital, LLC (later called Arete, LLC), operated the company, which purported to be a private equity firm offering investment opportunities in bonds, futures trading, and other offerings. Greeott was charged and pled guilty to mail fraud and money laundering. Snisky received $4,000,000 from investors who were told he would invest their money in the Finnie Mae bond program, but instead, he used the money for himself.

Snisky also allegedly employed Greeott to develop an algorithm for a trading system in the futures market, but it was not a finished product. Snisky falsely told investors that it was a finished product, and was being used by Colony Capital and Arete. He told the investors that the algorithm was profitable in the futures market, thereby attracting more investors. Snisky defrauded investors out of $300,000 because he used that money for his own benefit, as well.

If you invested money with Gary Snisky, please call our securities law firm located in Chicago to discuss your options with one of our attorneys. The call is free with no obligation. We may be able to help you bring a claim against Snisky or his firm to recover your investment losses on a contingency fee basis.

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